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A visit to Tashkent, and why everyone drives a Chevrolet there

Subsequent to that, it was time to do a bit of touristing around Tashkent. It being a Muslim country, of course there were many mosques with LED lighting (to this day, I am completely oblivious as to what possible reason drives mosques and Buddhist temples to have these tacky, grotesque LED signs tacked onto ancient architecture).

It really was very hot.

The central park featured a building that even years later reminds me of the Martians from War of the Worlds.

And, of course, more buildings made to look like they were from the time of the Khans.

I could, of course, not avoid enjoying the photographic opportunity.

Flowers were in full bloom (though I wonder when they aren’t – it’s not like there’s, you know, a winter or something).

The Central Park was obviously perfectly manicured, on the off chance someone actually went there to look at it, which wasn’t really the case – there wasn’t even a stray dog in sight.