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Intra-Canada Aeroplan promo until January 13

Looks like there was an unannounced Aeroplan redemption promo going on that has now become official (unlike last year’s one-class upgrade for free). Details here: http://www3.aeroplan.com/promotions/promotion_details.do?promotion=promo_webup3292_AE, but essentially one-ways are temporarily priced at about half of the return trip, which is counter to the usual 66% or so. So a one-way Aeroplan redemption in Economy to Hawaii is now 22,500 (instead of the usual 30,000, and a round trip is 45,000), and short haul North America is 7,500 instead of 10,000 (round-trip is 15,000). Not a bad promo if you need positioning flights, but nothing exciting otherwise.