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New LifeMiles promo!

LifeMiles seems to be throwing out promos every two months or so, which is excellent in case you are planning on going anywhere with them. The current one, going between Feb 5 and Feb 20, creates +1 extra mile for each mile transferred to someone, up to a maximum of 75,000 miles (so if you send 75,000 miles to someone, they get a 75,000 mile bonus on top of it), for $15/1,000 miles, which works out to 1.5cpm – exactly the same as their “buy 1 get 1 free” promo. The benefit here is that these miles are “different” from the BOGO offer, so you could technically both buy AND transfer and that way accumulate a larger amount of miles.

LM is a pretty good program for one-way redemptions, positioning flights, and the occasional wacky airport which just so happens to route you through some interesting destinations, so this promo is quite welcome. Their website and phone agents are completely terrible, though, so hopefully whatever you are looking for is available on the website straight up.