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Apologies for slow updates

I must apologise for the general lack of updates, especially considering I pretty much stopped at the most interesting point. Two days after landing home, I had to fly out to Miami for two weeks for work, and two days after returning from Miami, I had to fly to Seattle for a further three. Besides the fact that those two trips will warrant trip reports (Sixt is one of my favourite car rental companies, for what it’s worth), I am flying back today. I would love to begin updating the trip report on landing… but we’re heading to NYC for the weekend on a Delta mistake fare from last December that will see us fly in first class on a CRJ900 (which really means just a slightly wider seat – everything is called “first class” in America – and really, it’s a CRJ900. You couldn’t make that sound “premium” if you gold-plated it and strapped it onto a space shuttle). Finally, in June, on the same mistake fare, we are heading to Honolulu and Kona, which will at least be on domestic 757s on Delta, so if not much more glamorous then at least with slightly better seats.

So yeah … I will catch up with all these trip reports. I promise.

One thought on “Apologies for slow updates

  1. Jerry

    Looking forward to the Sixt car rental reports (apparently one can get Sixt Platinum from having hotel elite status, which I did). Platinum hopefully means free upgrades, and they have interesting cars for sure

    Not sure if you’re able to catch the latest DL mistake fare yesterday (YYZ/YVR-Asia like HKG/ICN for $500 CAD RT in Y). Not sure why DL keeps having them, and this one lasted 24+ hours too