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Hertz and Aeroplan madness

I discovered something interesting. This is only useful for those who rent a lot, but it would paper Aeroplan people don’t read their own promotions (or phrase them wrong). There are currently two conflicting promos running on the Aeroplan site for Hertz: one July-December for 3,750 points for a weekly rental and one for 5,000 points – depending on the coupon (PC#) used. S if you need to rent a car for a week, pay attention to which one you use. Note, however, that you MUST use the Aeroplan CDP – meaning that if you have an American Express Platinum card, you can’t use the Amex Platinum CDP (and get the extra 4-hour grace return window).

I did this for a few weeks for amusement value and discovered something else: make SURE in your Hertz profile, “Hertz Gold Rewards” is *not* checked. They do not tell you this anywhere, but selecting it invalidates Aeroplan point accumulation. I suppose it’s sort of obvious, but they should still state it more clearly.

So I accidentally rented a car and had it credited to the useless Hertz Gold Rewards. Now I’m waiting to get the points back.