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SPG Cash & Points changes

SPG Cash & Points has been one of the better programs to date – offering the opportunity to stretch SPG points to get higher value redemptions – and some of them have been very attractive. It’s not that it’s coming to an end, but it is changing as of March 5, 2013; the details are here.

I generally dislike it when any program devalues its points – and this is the case here, as most prices are going up by 20-25%. There are a few mitigating factors, though:

    The announcement comes almost 2 months ahead of the change (I’m looking at you, Wyndham, who devalued points overnight with no notice)
    The changes in point levels are bad, but a few positive things are there. Example: category 7 hotels will now be available for C&P. Expensive, but available. Also, guaranteed suites will be available, too.
    This is the first time SPG is devaluing points.

Overall, this isn’t good news, because I never redeem for category 7 (I think they are a little bit too outrageously priced) and I don’t care about suites (I do, but only as upgrades). But it could have been worse, like the 50% increase for Aeroplan.

Now I wish we got more earning opportunities for SPG points outside the SPG Amex cards… (double points on SPG bookings at least?…)