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Aeroplan Star Challenge up again for 2013!

Looks like the 2012 promo is back – with a vengeance. While in 2012, most people just pumped gas in $3 increments. A number of strategies came about, such as to buy a gift card and immediately use it to avoid getting the credit card locked out, to not rip off the receipt so as to have less paper floating about, and to leave the fuelling handle stuck in the car and just to push in the flap on the pump to avoid spilling gas everywhere. Then someone noticed you could transfer Esso points to Aeroplan in increments of like … one (and SPG Platinum members realised they can do transfers in increments of 1), and the armchair collectors came in droves. In the end, everyone got their points; so this time around, all those loopholes were closed. I’ll be following up with a few ideas on how to maximise this, but my dog will certainly not be collecting this time around.