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Aeroplan Star Challenge 2013: strategies and ideas

So I plan on taking advantage of this for at least one of my accounts, possibly more. This year’s promo is certainly not as easy as before, especially if you do not have any Sobeys close to you. So here is my initial plan for how to maximise this year’s promo.

1. Social activity stars: 6 stars, leaving 94

2. Esso stars: I should be able to do 1x$10 transaction daily, this is 30 x 2 = 60 stars, leaving 34

3. Amex Aeroplan Platinum: 5 stars, leaving 29

4. 3xSPG point conversions, 9 stars, leaving 20.

These were the easy ones. Now it’s getting a little bit harder – still need 10 transactions, and this is just for the first account! I am not planning on flying anywhere during this period (and anyway, Air Canada shot themselves in the foot by only allowing AC flights that were *booked* during the promo – no idea why). I don’t have a Sobeys, so no groceries. I don’t shop at Uniprix. I can’t find $10 deals at Costco of stuff that I have any use for.

So this leaves gift cards. I am looking at buying some through the Aeroplan eStore. There are one or two stores that, based on their T&Cs, appear to be able to refund GC purchases to a credit card… this could be the magic bullet.