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Trip report – HNL mileage run

So I decided to go on a little mileage run. Seeing as ticket prices never follow logic, it is possible to get rather .. special routings, maximising miles – without needing to necessarily  cheat on tickets (i.e. route illegally, exceed MPM and so on) – activities that can cause debit memos to organisations and can create difficulties for the traveller. No – with a little bit of creative multicity bookings and the joys of autopricing, everything can be done absolutely legitimately.

So this time, I had a trip from the east coast to Seattle. Although I currently have Star Alliance Gold through Turkish Airlines, I’ve decided to renew it with Aegean next year – considering how easy it is (for now) to requalify for status. All I need is 19,000 miles. Having collected about 4,000 through a few flights earlier this year, I decided to go for the jackpot – although there is no way to domestically fly the remaining 15,000 miles, I thought I could get pretty darn close by routing to Seattle through… Honolulu. Strangely enough, ticket priced out the same as a regular flight, so I went right ahead with it.

Several posts of trip reporting coming up. This was a very interesting adventure – although one I would not repeat too often, as 20 hours in economy is just a little bit too long (about 19 hours too long, in fact), but what do we not do for status, eh 🙂