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Trip Report – Round-the-world 2013 – Kyoto Arashiyama

After returning from Hokkaido, we spent most of our time in Kobe, as usual. We made a trip to my old stomping grounds, Kyoto, and to one of my favourite places there – Arashiyama (the other being Tetsugaku no michi, 哲学の道, Philosopher’s path). Didn’t have a chance to return there, but I try to visit Arashiyama when I can. It’s a very quaint little spot, with hordes of tourists in sakura season, but not as much in the hot summer day we visited there. Plus, we went there at the end of the day (as is seen by the lighting), and it being sundown, most shops closed, and most tourists were on the way out. It was nice to see it serene and empty – a rare sight anywhere in Japan.

Some photos, with little commentary, as it’s difficult to provide any sort of intelligent commentary on something this beautiful.

IMG_4223 IMG_4226

IMG_4227 IMG_4229 IMG_4230 IMG_4231 IMG_4233 IMG_4234 IMG_4262 IMG_4281 IMG_4287 IMG_4289 IMG_4303