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Aeroplan 2013 Stars Challenge – quarter-way update

So I’m about a quarter of the way through this ridiculous promo. Aeroplan did a fine job of clamping down on any possible loophole that there was – so much so that the promo isn’t even fun anymore, and it’s almost illogical to even attempt it. You can’t do multiple transactions per day at a retailer (why not? if the minimum is $10, why not allow multiple per day?); you can’t gouge on point conversions; and the kicker? You can’t even fly Air Canada to get these stars. That’s correct: unless you book and fly within the promo dates, you don’t get anything for flying Air Canada. This seems completely ridiculous, as Aeroplan is supposed to be the frequent flyer program for Air Canada… and yet, they effectively remove any incentive for flying it (considering if you fly *any* Star Alliance airline, you get 3 stars… and nothing for AC).

That said, I’m trudging along. I don’t want to spend (any/much) money, so it’s making things more complicated, as I refuse to just run into a Home Hardware and buy useless junk I don’t need. There was a nice gift card bonanza at Indigo, but they shut that down so quick that almost no gains were had. So it’s back to Esso every day, which is somewhat idiotic.

Another update to follow halfway…